Why invest your clients’ money with us?

Not only will you get to work with a team of experienced investment professionals who will actively manage your clients’ funds, but you will also get a seat on the board.
This will provide you with greater insights into investment decisions ensuring a better alignment to your clients’ best interests.

The Benefits for Financial Advisers

The Generation Fund is suitable for investment for financial advising firms and offers all the benefits currently provided by both traditional managed funds and other multi strategy funds.

Better alignment

Not only will investments incur lower fees but by investing in an actively managed portfolio you will ensure your clients' monies are invested in the most suitable areas.

Greater Insight

With a seat on the Investment Committee Board you will instantly gain a greater insight and involvement into the investment decisions being made working with some of Australia’s leading investment professionals.

Real Rewards

By investing your clients' monies in the Generation Fund you will not only save your clients money, but you will also receive a significant rebate for all FUM and you will have the option to participate in fund ownership.

Contact us today to understand how your clients can benefit from investing in the Generation Fund.