The Generation Fund

Governed by a team of highly experienced investment professionals, the Generation Fund continually evolves to take advantage of the ever-changing market conditions
and products available in order to maximise client returns.
Our goal is to provide

Capital Preservation
and Market Aligned Growth

The Generation Fund is a managed fund that focuses on strong market-aligned growth and capital preservation. It aims to achieve long-term growth without taking on excessive risks and does this through a ‘Balanced Growth’ risk profile. The Generation Fund investment portfolio includes a diversified pool of shares, cash, managed funds and fixed interest holdings.

Generation Fund
A Fund that is

Not a ‘typical’ Managed Fund

A typical managed fund invests in a number of asset classes across a number of industries. For one fund manager this can be a near impossible task to do well. Asset classes are broad in their own right and in one asset class you can have 30+ different industries that you can invest in like mining, banking, pharmaceutical etc. It’s hard enough for one person to get their head across one of those industries let alone across all of them and also to understand both the domestic and international markets.


Instead of having one manager who has to be a specialist in all asset classes and all industries (which is a very difficult task), the Generation Fund’s Investment Committee is comprised of asset managers who have expertise across their asset class, thus ensuring they are specifically educated in the areas your monies are invested in.

Committed to

Delivering low management fees

Similar to other managed funds, the Generation Fund is committed to charging clients the lowest possible management fee. Not content with wholesale rates, the Generation Fund has negotiated even lower private management fees. We are also focused on only adopting fund managers who charge on ‘outperformance’.


The Generation Fund is dedicated to allocating money with its clients’ best interests at heart – a focus on strong returns and capital preservation.

Collective Knowledge

How Investment Decisions are made

All investment decisions are first discussed, analysed, debated and approved by the Investment Committee.

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