Generation Fund Investment Committee

The Investment Committee will not only consider expected economic conditions and developments, current valuations and expected price directions but they will also assess the individual risk of each selected investment opportunity and how it is expected to behave. This will all be done to ensure the overall risk of the portfolio is ‘Balanced Growth’.
Albert B&W edit-1

With over 16 years of investment experience, Albert’s knowledge and deep understanding of the Australian and International investment markets is unparalleled. Currently employed by Financial Decisions as an Investment Analyst, he has previously worked with Macquarie Bank and other independent financial advisory firms.

Albert Lee

Damien – B&W edit-1

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and as founder and CEO of Financial Decisions, Damien brings face-to-face knowledge of client objectives and investment expectations. Damien is astutely aware of the importance of capital preservation and asset allocation.

Damien Cooper

Investment Committee Member
Hugo Donald

Hugo has over 20 years' experience in financial services in both the UK and Australia. Hugo represents Ironbark, the Responsible Entity for the Generation Fund, and is responsible for ensuring that corporate governance, compliance and best practice is achieved.

Hugo Donald

Responsible Entity Representative
Michael – B&W edit-1

With over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, Michael knows that providing investments that deliver long term wealth is important. As the CEO and founder of Phillips Family Office (a financial advising firm), Michael is committed to ensuring that the best interests of his clients are always achieved.

Michael Phillips

Investment Committee Member
David – B&W edit-1

As managing partner and joint founder of Zenith Investment Partners, David brings Zenith’s worldwide and domestic in-depth analysis of fund managers and managed funds to ensure only the very best are presented to the Generation Fund Investment Committee.

David Smythe

Investment Committee Member
Brad – B&W edit-1

Brad has over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry and is a highly-regarded Investment Strategist. Having worked in the money and foreign exchange markets, the domestic financial services markets and in the financial planning industry, Brad’s vast experience will help to assess classes are correctly evaluated in light of ensuring clients best interest are always achieved.

Brad Matthews

Investment Committee Member
Phil – B&W edit-1

With 35 years of investment experience and his current role as an active fixed interest fund manager, Phil will provide the Generation Fund Investment Committee with expected bond movements and his views on global along with economic conditions.

Phil Carden

Investment Committee Member
Linda – B&W edit-1

Linda has been an active member of the Financial Decisions Investment Committee since inception and will be acting as the Secretary of the Generation Fund Investment Committee. Linda is a non-voting member of the Committee and is responsible for distributing and recording the minutes of each meeting.

Linda Hansen

Investment Committee Secretary

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