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Strong results are key

Back testing was completed on the Generation Funds’ investment strategies and allocations. Based on this back-testing, the Generation Fund would have achieved strong results with an after fees return of 9.3% p.a. It would have outperformed competitor funds by 2.54% p.a. and cash by 7.23% p.a. over the same period.

Unit price as at 16 Oct 2017

1.0239 Application Price
1.0198 Withdrawal Price
Date Currency Application Price Withdrawal Price
16/10/2017 AUD $1.0239 $1.0198
09/10/2017 AUD $1.0173 $1.0132
02/10/2017 AUD $1.0121 $1.0080
25/09/2017 AUD $1.0106 $1.0065
19/09/2017 AUD $1.0121 $1.0080
18/09/2017 AUD $1.0117 $1.0076
11/09/2017 AUD $1.0112 $1.0071
04/09/2017 AUD $1.0106 $1.0065
28/08/2017 AUD $1.0073 $1.0032
21/08/2017 AUD $1.0036 $0.9995
14/08/2017 AUD $1.0021 $0.9980
08/08/2017 AUD $1.0070 $1.0029
28/07/2017 AUD $1.0033 $0.9992
18/07/2017 AUD $0.9998 $0.9958
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Important Information
Please see the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for further details. Although the above information is taken from sources believed to be accurate, no warranty is given as to its accuracy, completeness or availability. Pricing: For daily priced funds, unit prices are calculated each business day based upon the net value of each fund divided by the number of units on issue in each fund. Unit prices may be delayed following the end of a distribution period or for other reasons. The Buy/Sell spread is applied to increase the purchase unit price by an allowance for the estimated costs of the purchase of assets in the fund and to reduce the redemption unit price by an allowance for the estimated costs of the sale of assets in the fund.

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Monthly Investment Report

The Monthly Report contains a market review and the latest performance information for the Generation Fund.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.   

Click here for the full report prepared by Zenith Investment Partners

Lonsec has completed a Capability Review for the Generation Fund, covering their assessment of the Fund’s investment philosophy, investment process, governance structure and fee structure.

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