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Like anything, you want to know where your money is going and how it is being managed. Let us help you answer any questions with our handy Q&A. Need further info? please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.

What are the benefits of a managed fund structure?

  • With a managed fund, it can be governed by a Professional Investment Committee with external investment professionals employed to ensure understanding of current market conditions.
  • Investment consultants (Zenith) will provide asset allocation, macro-economic inputs and recommendations on any required changes. As such, your investments will always be setup for the current market.
  • Competitive fund manager fees with an ability to negotiate discounted MER fees
  • No platform fees
  • Greater opportunity to include other asset classes and specialist managers
  • Greater control and insight into fund managers
  • Higher quality partners
  • The ability to transact across the entire client base as opposed to focusing on the largest client first – the same level of investment and service can be provided to all who invest

How are reporting and statements accessed?

  • Online access – all clients are able to view the Generation Fund’s investment performance and access a wide range of consolidated reports, including monthly, quarterly and annual statements, via the website.
  • Regular scheduled reviews with your adviser

How often are tax statements provided?

  • Tax statements will be provided annually

What is the growth to defensive allocation likely to be?

  • A range of 20 – 40% defensive
  • A range of 30 – 90% growth & alternate

What is the minimum investment for the fund?

  • The minimum investment will be $15,000 when investing directly and $1,000 inside platform

How easy is it to access my monies in the fund?

  • Average time lines will be adopted which means selling can be done daily to receive the proceeds from the fund

What does it cost to invest in the fund?

Total Management cost of 1.69% comprising:


      • 0.46% – management fee
      • 0.10% – estimated performance fee
      • 1.13% – estimated indirect costs

The management performance fee may be higher or lower depending on their outperformance to their defined performance hurdles.

We view performance fees as a more aligned way of paying fund managers for generating outperformance to you, the client.

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